Angel Nation - Aeon CD

Image of Angel Nation - Aeon CD

Track listing
01. Burn The Witch
02. Blood Is On Your Hands
03. Breathe Again
04. Wonder Who You Are
05. Farewell
06. Free
07. Enough Is Enough
08. Music Plays
09. Fireflies
10. Destination

Angel Nation, the melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala [also in Leaves' Eyes] are finally back with their second album "Aeon"! The power of metal and rock combined with Elina's ethereal yet strong and emotional vocals create the perfect platform for stories of both earthly and otherworldly she likes to create with her lyrics. The album includes a guest appearance by Jukka Pelkonen [Omnium Gatherum] and the artwork is created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Delain, Leah].